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A killer performance, every time

The Mercenary Co. started as a independent film producer making original content for viewers. COVID-19 threw the proverbial monkey wrench into these plans, so a refocus was needed. Having spent numerous years working with the other original members of The Mercenary Co., Mike Anthony knew that he had found a winning team. This team though would focus on the medium of Voice Acting instead of film making.In addition, given Mike's experience in the Voice Over industry, he knew that there was great potential for something other than the status quo to be offered to clients. This led to the "One Roof" concept -- offering everything that you could need for Voice Acting; a place in which you could hire actors, directors, producers, technicians, writers, etc., all in one convenient location, instead of having to take what you can get in one place and having to search the world for the missing pieces. By giving you everything in one place, The Mercenary Co. believes that not only is it more effective and efficient, but that the resulting quality is significantly higher when you hire a team that already has the working chemistry. Through this methodology, we at the Mercenary Co. know that we deliver Killer Performances, every time.

Classes and training

The Mercenary Co. are proud to offer voice acting classes for all performers, from absolute beginners to seasoned actors.

Level 1
Beginning on your journey as a voice actor, we spend time on building a strong foundation of taking care of your instrument, and how to play with it.
Level 2
After mastering Level 1, we build on top of those fundamentals with more in-depth character analysis, and differing nuances to delivery. Mic technique is refined, and we begin building a small repertoire of characters together. The class will work on a scripted performance together.
Level 3
This class' jumping-off point is an audition process, followed by a formal casting and table read. This class will culminate in a pre-recorded and mixed radioplay performance that will be aired at a later date.
Level 4
Building on top of Level 3, the aim for this class is to perform an original radioplay via a live performance.